Chapter 689 You Wanna Play Catch? Sure, Thoreau Me A Ball, Or, Condescending Literary Pun Dog.

Some booksellers have cats. Actually, it seems to me like a lot of booksellers have cats. I have nothing against cats, but I have always had dogs for pets. I love dogs.

This is our family dog, Molly:

She is a sweet little dog, a Spaniel. When Thoughtful Husband and I moved into our home, many years ago, his sister gave us a dog. He was a large but gentle dog, a Golden Retriever that we named Buck. As he got older, he went blind. Because he could not see, he quit moving and playing and laid around in a corner all the time.  Our hearts broke for him, but we didn’t know how to help him.  Our vet suggested that a blind dog might benefit from a companion, a sort of “seeing eye dog” for himself. She reasoned that if Buck heard the sound of  another dog’s footsteps and barks, he would eventually interact a bit.  Tom and Huck were young at the time we decided to get a second dog — around 3 and 5 years old.  I needed to make sure that the new dog would get along very well in a house with small children and an older, blind dog.  After some help and advice from our vet, we got Molly. Here she is as a puppy:

Molly is a sweet dog.  She and Buck got along well, and I do believe she made Buck’s life better until he finally died. They often dozed off in a corner right next to each other and she did get him to play with her a bit.

Now, she keeps me company here at home while Thoughtful Husband is at work and Tom and Huck are at school.  I often think of her as Book Dog.  She looks like a dog from an illustration in a Victorian children’s book I own, she is the perfect size for cozying up next to me on the couch while I read, and she lies at my feet while I sit at my desk and work on books each day.

It turns out that I am not the only person who thinks about her dog as a literary asset.  Meet Condescending Literary Pun Dog.  This dog is awesome, totally awesome.  He has a sense of humor and he is extremely well read.

I found out about him here. I highly recommend reading the rest of these hilarious puns. Not only are they funny, but they’re a little quiz to see how well-read you are.

Enjoy!  See you in the stacks!

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