Chapter 694 Bang Head Here, Or, Born of Frustration

As if the little list of major break-downs and repairs I listed yesterday wasn’t enough to make me feel frustrated during the week before two big book fairs (usually an extra busy time), today brought another mishap.

The washing machine suddenly started making terrible grinding noises during the spin cycle. It sounds something like this:

Yes. Really.

I think I need one of these:

All I can say at this point, besides wanting to shout a few expletives (sorry, Mom), is that quite often creativity is born of frustration. Sometimes, if I look hard enough, I can see small graces in having to deal with the chaos of the unexpected.  For example, I really dislike the chore of loading boxes of books and book cases in and out of a book fair. The heavy boxes, the multiple trips in and out of the exhibit hall, and the folding bookcases that have more than once pinched my fingers fill me with dread. This week, I’m not even thinking about the hard physical work part of a book fair. This week, after the cataclysmic convergence of multiple household dilemmas, just the ability to still be able to go to the book fairs in San Francisco and Pasadena seems like a great gift. Not only will I get to forget the problems at home for a few days, but I will get to spend quality time with books and other book lovers. Going to the book fairs won’t fix the problems here at home, but it will provide a welcome distraction, a chance to regroup, and a moment to be refreshed. For that, I am thankful. Wish me luck! Please. 🙂

See you in the stacks!

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