Chapter 699 Upon Arriving Home From The Book Fair

Hello, there! I’ve returned from the book fair in Pasadena held over the weekend. I spent all of today driving from Pasadena to my hometown of San Mateo (near San Francisco) and I am exhausted. I’m heading to bed to get some sleep and I’ll be back sometime tomorrow (possibly late tomorrow) with a full report of the fair. For now, the short report is:

1)I met a few readers of this blog in person. Thanks to those who took time to seek out my booth from the 200 other booksellers exhibiting and for introducing yourselves. It was lovely to meet you! Thanks, as always, for reading my blog, too.

2) The fair was a solid one for me, with steady sales throughout the weekend– I did not break my own record, in terms of money made from selling books, but I definitely broke my personal record  in terms of quantity of books I’ve sold at a book fair.

3) The new venue of the Pasadena Convention Center was a big hit. The Book Fair Committee of the Southern California Chapter of the ABAA is to be congratulated!

4) I had lots of fun being at the fair, attending several receptions and dinners, and even attending an appraisal seminar for booksellers.  I have so much to share with you. Tomorrow. I promise. (But maybe not until tomorrow evening!)

See you in the stacks!

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