Chapter 671 Bookseller Tickets

Look what I found in the back of some books I am cataloguing: bookseller tickets — and all of them from San Francisco!


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2 responses to “Chapter 671 Bookseller Tickets

  1. Have you ever considered making labels for the Book Hunter’s Holiday?

    • I have thought of creating a Book Hunter’s Holiday label/ticket thingie to go inside of books I sell. I love the little tickets that tell a little bit about where the book I’m holding in my hand has been. That said, some collectors find that they detract from “perfection”, so I haven’t gone ahead and done this, not wanting to hurt the value of the book I offer for sale. At the moment, I settle for writing BHH (for Book Hunter’s Holiday) and then the inventory number of the book in pencil on the ffep.

      At the moment, I have made a new friend, locally, who has opened a letterpress print shop. She is working on making me letterpress business cards. Perhaps I should add bookseller tickets to the order? What are your thoughts on these little stickers?

      Thanks again for reading the blog!

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