Chapter 654 Plumbing the Depths of Our Relationship

Yesterday afternoon, the kitchen sink began to drain very slowly. I didn’t know what to do except to wait for the water to drain, so I quit washing the dishes and went out to the garage to put a load of laundry in the dryer. The laundry sink in the garage was full to overflowing. We have a clogged pipe! I did what many would do in such a situation. I “delegated” the dirty task to someone else:  I called Thoughtful Husband at work.

“I’ll take a look at it when I get home,” he said. “Meanwhile, don’t use the kitchen sink or the laundry sink.”

Taking advantage, I “delegated” again. “I guess that means I can’t cook any dinner for us then. We’ll have to eat out.”

(What? Do I detect that you may suspect an ulterior motive to my sink problem — the desire to skip the work of cooking and to eat a restaurant meal? I couldn’t wash dishes in my sink, so I didn’t want to dirty them up by cooking. We had to go out for dinner. Cheeky, I know.)

When Thoughtful Husband got home, he said, “Can’t we just have leftovers from last night for dinner and eat on paper plates? I can only work on this drain if we’re at home.” (Strategy blocked. Cheeky of him, I know. I tell you, I have met my perfect match in this man.)

He removed part of the pipes under the sink and drained the water and then re-attached the pipe.  When we ran the tap to see if the clog was cleared, the sinks filled up again and wouldn’t drain.

“I think I have just the tool for this,” he said, albeit not enthusiastically.

He attached a tool, a long, flexible, metallic coil called a “snake” to the end of his electric drill and threaded the snake into the pipe in order to break up whatever was causing the clog.  He did this repeatedly for two hours to no avail.

This afternoon, we still have two clogged sinks. The plumber is coming in a while. Not one bit of book work has happened today. I’ve been cleaning up the water that overflowed in the garage (but thankfully not in the kitchen).

Is it wrong for me to hope the plumber comes so late that we’ll have to go out for dinner tonight? 🙂

See you in the stacks!

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