Chapter 653 Down for the Count

Over the weekend, I pulled out every book and bit of ephemera I plan to feature in Catalogue #2. It was my hope that I had, in the past year or so, acquired 100 items for the catalogue. When I purchased an item I intended to save for the catalogue, I took it home and put it on a special shelf, segregated from my general inventory so I wouldn’t accidentally offer the book for sale before I print my catalogue. I haven’t done much else to record my 100 items yet. I know. I know. I should catalogue every item as it comes in, but as a one-woman business and the mother in a very busy household, cataloguing usually only happens when I decide to sell a book. You should come over sometime and see how much cataloguing takes place in the weeks preceding a large book fair. There’s nothing like a book fair to make a bookseller catalogue a lot of  books.

After I’ve acquired a book or piece of ephemera for a catalogue, I have a special file where I keep the receipt for each purchase and I note the date acquired, the source of acquisition, and the price paid in pencil on each item. It’s not a perfect system, but it gives me enough information to begin cataloguing the book when I pull it off the shelf at some point in the future.

So, as I started to say above, I took out every item, whether book or ephemera, I intend to include in Catalogue #2. I looked at the group of items as a whole. They will make a nice collection, but each of the items is intrinsically interesting on its own.  I wrote a numbered list of each item I have.

The final tally:  67 items. Out of a hoped-for 100 items.

[Bangs head on desk in frustration.]

While I’m going to start cataloguing the items I have over the summer, it looks like I will remain in book-buying mode for this catalogue for a while to come.

See you in the stacks!

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