Chapter 646 There’s Always Something

Remember that blog remodel I began a few weeks ago?  Perhaps you’ll also recall that I asked you to vote on your favorite look for the blog and then I began to tinker even more with the “winning look” and then I went to Seattle, where I was consumed by all the bookshops.  Then I returned home and . . . the blog still sits, halfway remodeled, all of its visual deficiencies here for any passerby to see.

I want to let you know that I have not forgotten the blog remodel and that, well, like the Dante catalogue which took longer than I planned (2 years and 11 months longer), I will finish the blog remodel eventually. At this point, it’s a matter of sitting down with several hours of uninterrupted time. That’s a rare occurrence around here at the end of Tom and Huck’s school year.  The first and last months of school seem more crazed than the rest of the school year.  The amount of parental paperwork to be completed for next year’s enrollment in school, the parent meetings for next fall’s sports team participation, and the shopping for books on the summer reading list consume so much time it is rather astounding. There are also Boy Scout ceremonies, end-of-year music recitals, and culminating, year-end academic projects for both boys. This year, Tom’s class, the 7th graders, are throwing a dinner dance party for the graduating 8th graders and their families. If you’ve read this blog since its inception, you already know that residual childhood shyness sometimes rears its ugly head and I sometimes feel awkward in large social situations. Hence, I dread throwing parties. Lucky for me, another unsuspecting victim kind mother volunteered to be party chairman and I am merely an assistant who scurries about in the background during the week of the party.  I have only had to track down a costume for Tom to wear (party theme is Star Wars), help him make a video with his classmates that will be shown at the party, take him to performance rehearsals, and to help with set-up yesterday and clean-up at the party this evening. As I am one of about 70 helpers, this is actually not too bad. Many hands make light work after all.

Soon it will be time for our annual Yosemite camping trip and after that I am helping to plan an end-of-the-year party for Huck’s class.  Then it will finally be summer! The combination of all of these end of year activities has made working on the book business this month a ridiculous folly that I attempt only in an effort to relieve the tedium of attending too many parent meetings at school. I love my book business. It makes me happy to sit and catalogue, surrounded by a pile of books that demand nothing of me (except to be sold) and that give so much beauty and interesting information. As I recall from past years, the books will still be here in a couple of weeks when the boys finish up school.

Why am I telling you this? We’re all busy with various things, and, well, it seems like there’s always something, trying to distract me here and there, from my book hunting and bookselling adventures. Perhaps that’s the case for you, too.  I’m telling you about the non-bookish events going on here at the moment because I want you to know that I have not forgotten about the blog remodel.  I do seem to find snippets of time to write and to post, but my time for proofreading said posts and for sitting down to focus on re-designing the blog is limited. I’ll be writing and posting, but not finishing up the remodel until sometime in June.  Apologies, too, for any typos, mis-spellings, etc. My scattered mind is having a tough time catching my own mistakes when I write.  I could just quit. I could have done that with the Dante catalogue, too.  (I mean, really, who takes three years to write their first catalogue?) However, I find that if I keep moving forward during these busy seasons, I will later be happy I have done so.

See you in the stacks!

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