Chapter 644 Seattle Bookstores, Library Bistros, and Bookstore Bars . . .

It’s been silent here at the blog longer than I intended, but I’ve been traveling since I last posted! Thoughtful Husband had a recent business conference in Seattle, Washington, part of which was during our wedding anniversary. When my parents learned that his trip and our anniversary would coincide, they very generously offered to spend the weekend with Tom and Huck (plus a couple of extra days) so I could go along with TH. It was my first time visiting Seattle, and I had one day to myself to walk around and look for books while Thoughtful Husband was working. Seattle has many bookshops, more, I think, than even San Francisco. I was lucky enough to have beautiful, sunny weather while I explored the city, too. Here are a few of the stores I visited during my one day book hunting marathon:

The beautiful shop of Wessel and Lieberman, not far from our hotel:

I also visited but forgot to photograph, Louis Collins Books. I was hoping to get to visit the shops of David Gregor, Lowry-James, John Michael Lang Fine Books, and a couple of others, but alas time ran out on me. That leaves me a good reason to return again soon. If you’re visiting Seattle in the near future, I highly recommend making time to visit some bookshops.

Of course, Thoughtful Husband thought that we were making this trip for his business. But when we were out doing touristy activities like going to the top of the Space Needle and visiting the Experience Music Project and snacking at the Pike Place Public Market and taking the Seattle Underground Tour, we needed somewhere to eat.

Me [coyly]:“You know, I find the food in Seattle to be delicious everywhere we’ve eaten so far, but while you were working on Friday I found what looks to be a great restaurant that looks like it has good food.”

Him [totally innocent and unsuspecting, even after all these years of knowing that everything I do is somehow related to books]: “Ok,” he said. “Where is it? What is it? Seafood? Artisan cheese? Fresh bread?”

Me: “Um . . . no. It’s this:”

Him [trying hard to refrain from smacking his hand up against his forehead. He has been duped into bookish activities yet again!]: “Oh. I see.”

Me [in full, book-nerd enthusiastic tone]: “The food is good, and the restaurant and bar are decorated in a bookish way. But here’s the really cool part: All of the books you see in the restaurant and bar are for sale. If you see one you want, you just ask your server and they get it for you and add it to your bill!”

Him: Of course!

Once he saw what was on the brunch menu (brioche french toast in caramel sauce), he was very happy with my choice of restaurant. Here are a couple of photos of the interior:

The bookstores, the restaurants, and the city itself were beautiful places to celebrate our anniversary (18 years!). We had a terrific time. Hope to return to this bookish destination again soon.

Of course, those who are planning ahead may want to attend October’s Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair.

See you in the stacks!

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