Chapter 643 And the Winner is . . .

Choice #2!

Thanks very much to all (41 people!) who voted on the various options for the look of the Book Hunter’s Holiday blog and to those who took time to send me comments and email with suggestions for improvement. Here’s how the final tally looks:

Choice #2 (above) received 37% of the vote.

Choice #1 (below) received 19% of the vote.

Choice #3 (below) tied with Choice #1, receiving 19% of the vote.

Choice #4, (below) the way the old blog looked, received 15% of the vote.

11% of voters chose “other” and a few of these readers sent me emails about what they would change.

More than one of you did not like the photo of the books that was in the header. Someone even generously said that the books I’ve offered for sale at book fairs and on my website look better than the ones in the photo. The photo was a stock photo of old books, not my books, but point taken. Still others felt that the dark brown background was too dark on the eyes and that the “blizzard white” background was to hard on the eyes, and encouraged me to find some kind of custom-color happy medium. Nearly all who commented felt that the Book Hunter’s Holiday logo (known as the Book Hunter) should be prominent on the page. There was almost equal disagreement about whether the blog ought to have one or two sidebars. The advantage of two sidebars is that one doesn’t have to scroll down so far on the screen to see the information in the sidebar. That said, the advantage of one sidebar is that there is less visual distraction on the page.

So, what’s coming next? The blog will start incorporating both the winning layout and a few other modifications that take into account some of the specific comments people made. I’ll start working on that today, but the process is likely to take a few days. If you’re reading this on a blog reader or via email subscription, you might want to periodically check in here to see how the remodel is coming along.

Thanks again for your input. I really value your opinions and will use the information I gleaned from the informal poll to make a more dynamic and more readable blog, a place you might look forward to visiting.

See you in the stacks!

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