Chapter 642 Vote on Your Favorite Look for the Blog

As with most processes with which I am unfamiliar, this blog design stuff is trickier than I anticipated. I liked the look of the blog redesign (the way you’re seeing it now, if you are not reading through a blog reader, like Google Reader. If you are reading through a blog reader, click here.)

I am not an expert in blog design. I prefer to spend most of my time buying and selling and researching and reading books. When I designed the look of the blog, I used a pre-designed template. Unfortunately, I cannot do much to change the darkness in the shade of brown in the background that a few of you said looked black, and, while I like the formality and bookish feeling that dark brown implies, I want people to be able to read the blog without feeling like they are going blind. Also, just asking your opinion here, do you like the two sidebars or would you prefer just one, running down the right side of the blog? I don’t want the blog to look too “busy” in the sidebars, but I felt that two short sidebars would give people a chance to see what is often missed when it is listed in one extremely long sidebar. I don’t have a problem reading the many other blogs that use two sidebars, but I wonder whether it might be too “busy” for you.

In order to sort out what I might do to improve the look of the blog, I’ve taken a screen shot of the different options available, with regard to color, layout, and sidebar placement. I took a screenshot of the blog as it looks in each possible layout. If you don’t mind, would you please take the trouble to scroll down and look at each choice and then vote in the poll that follows? It will really help me to design a blog that is readable and usable for you, my dear readers. I’ll leave the voting open for several days, so if your reading this and it’s Tuesday, you can still let me know what you think. Thanks!

Choice #1 I like the new design as it is. Dark brown background, two sidebars are fine. Keep it.

Choice #2 I like this, which looks exactly like the new redesign except with white replacing the dark brown.

Choice #3 I like this all-white background with the large logo on the left side and two sidebars.

Choice #4 What were you thinking, Chris? Please put back the original theme and leave the design of the blog alone. It was fine as it was, even though it lacked visual “punch” and had only one very long sidebar.

Choice #5 Other
If you have ideas I haven’t considered, please type them in at the bottom of the poll. Thanks!

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One response to “Chapter 642 Vote on Your Favorite Look for the Blog

  1. great work!! I think it’s a little hard to read light text on a dark background…that’s why I chose #2….

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