Chapter 639 Extreme Blog Makeover

I don’t have any book fairs until September, so I’m making a list of goals for my book business and housekeeping tasks for both this blog and my online bookstore. The first thing that you might notice if you’re a regular reader is that, sometime between Friday and Monday, the blog will have a new look. After nearly three years of blogging about what it’s like to make the transition from former English teacher and stay-at-home mom to antiquarian bookseller, I think the blog is ready for a more sophisticated but still user-friendly look. All of the archives and sidebar features will still be accessible. The color scheme and the font may change, and thanks to the ability to add some graphics, the style will look different. I plan on working on my store website over the summer.

If you have time, please check back in Monday and leave a comment to let me know what you think of the changes.

See you after the Extreme Blog Makeover!

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