Chapter 626 Blogging Is The New Letter Writing, Or, Another Fun Library Sale Find

I’ve often longed for the old, old days, for the time when business, both personal and professional, was conducted primarily through correspondence. It’s not just because I’m shy and I have an irrational fear of talking to people I don’t know well. It’s not just because I have the tendency to be a homebody. No. I’ve longed for the use of the written word because writing allows me to think before I speak. It allows me to edit out my mistakes (if I would just take the time to proofread). It allows me to organize my thoughts in a more coherent way than when I am speaking extemporaneously.

Another little booklet I found at last weekend’s library sale had the most charming illustrations. And it was all about the topic of writing letters to others and making one’s writing interesting and conversational in tone. In examining the cute pink pamphlet, it occurred to me that blogging and letter writing are very similar. In fact, maybe blogging, which allows for a correspondence to develop through the comments, is the new letter writing.

Here’s the cover of the pamphlet. I couldn’t resist the adorable illustrations.

It’s fun to write blog posts, too.

Blogging is fun, except when I have writer’s block, which happens more often than I care to admit.

When I blog, I might tell you about what I did with my family or what I made for dinner.

When I blog, I might tell you about my dream of living in a little house on the prairie.

When I blog, I might tell you about my adventures with books, manuscripts, and ephemera.

When I blog, I drink a cup of tea and I imagine you, dear reader, sitting here enjoying a cup of tea with me while we talk about our mutual love of books.

Yes, the modern world of blogging allows a return to past modes of written communication, and I like that just fine.

See you in the stacks!


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2 responses to “Chapter 626 Blogging Is The New Letter Writing, Or, Another Fun Library Sale Find

  1. Jan

    Your Library Finds series has been fun to read (and view)! Thank you. I know there is a blogger who gives an account of what he finds each time he goes on a book-buying hunt, but his accounts seem to have come to a screeching halt. So, yours have been a welcome read. I love book hunts, and you manage to find some fun treasures. Thank you again for sharing.

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