Chapter 625 More “Interesting” Finds from the Library Sale

You know me. I can’t leave a book sale without at least a few interesting books in hand, even if I don’t find any books in my usual areas of specialty — Dante Alighieri and Western Americana.

Here’s another “interesting” (read: odd) find from this past weekend’s library sale. I wonder who donated it to the sale and what he might have done with the information in this book.

Note, the book is written by “Eddie the Wire”. While there isn’t really an “About the Author” section that tells us more about him, there are ads in the back of the booklet for the following titles:

Getaway: Driving Techniques for Escape and Evasion, by Ronald George Erikson 2.


Covert Surveillance & Electronic Penetration, edited by William B. Moran

Here’s a testimonial quote about all of the above titles from The Next Whole Earth Catalog:

“Yes, there are books about the skills of apocalypse — spying, surveillance, fraud, wire-tapping, smuggling, self-defense, lock-picking, gunmanship, eavesdropping, car chasing, civil warfare, surviving jail, and dropping out of sight. Apparently, writing books is the way mercenaries bring in spare cash between wars. The books are useful, and it’s good the information is freely available (and they definitely inspire interesting dreams), but their advice should be taken with a salt shaker or two and all your wits. Loompanics [the publisher] is the best of the Libertarian suppliers who carry them. Though full of ‘you’ll-wish-you’d-read-these-when-it’s-too-late’ rhetoric, their catalog is genuinely informative.”

I have to admit, I plan to use The Complete Guide to Lock Picking. I plan to use it by placing it on my reference shelf to pique the curiosity of visitors. 🙂

See you in the stacks!


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2 responses to “Chapter 625 More “Interesting” Finds from the Library Sale

  1. You should try it out at home and see if it’s any good! (You never know when you’ll need to break into your own house for a perfectly valid reason, and it could save you the cost of window replacement!) 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment on my blog about the lock picking book. As for your suggestion that I try it out at home, I have a son already trying to see if it really works. I hope the locks on my house still work after he’s finished experimenting. 🙂 Enjoyed reading about your mini-quilt on your blog. Very cool!

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