Chapter 624 Library Sale Finds

I meant to write this post last night, really I did. I just didn’t get to it, because . . . oh, I won’t bore you with the mundane reasons why.

Postcard with what should probably be the official motto of the writing schedule of Book Hunter’s Holiday:

I had the good fortune to be able to attend my favorite library sale this past weekend. I had the added bonus of meeting another bookseller friend there and having a lovely breakfast and visit with her before the sale opened. Finding good books worthy of resale can be hit or miss at library sales. I have often found books at my favorite library sale that I have resold later. Lately, though, it seems as if my “finds” at this particular sale have been somewhat sparse. When I find a sale in which I don’t initially see anything that I am interested in buying for resale, I make a second sweep of the building looking at everything with a different perspective — the “just have fun and enjoy the fact that you’re at a huge library sale on a beautiful day” perspective. One of my fun games is to find odd or unusual titles. I refuse to leave the sale without at least a few interesting things. Just understand that “interesting” does not always mean “financially valuable”. Interesting in this context means, “odd, strange, and just plain weird”. I was fortunate to find a few interesting pamphlets this time around. I’ll reveal the first one today. Here it is:

I just love a title whose meaning can be understood two different ways.

I don’t personally know any executive dumbells, but I am sure that, as in all professions, there are a few out there somewhere. 🙂

More fun finds to come tomorrow! See you in the stacks!

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