Chapter 610 Pasadena Book Fair Preview, Part 3

UPDATE: This item has sold.

Click on the links to see Part 1 and Part 2 of the preview of some of the items I’ll be bringing to the Pasadena International Antiquarian Book Fair this weekend. I’ll be leaving Thursday morning for the fair, so this post will be my last preview. To see the rest of the items, you’ll have to come to the fair!

Since the release of my Dante catalogue last year, I’ve acquired several other illustrated or unusual Dante-related books. Here’s one set — a group of small (just over the official size for miniature) books of the works of Dante. In its own handmade wooden treasure chest.

This is how the chest looked when I bought it:

After I gave it a thorough dusting, I took a picture of the top:

And the front:

Both the top and front of the chest open to reveal a set of small books by Dante inside: (sorry for the blurry images)

Here’s the view with the top open:

A lovely treasure indeed! I’m still writing the description for it tonight, so I don’t have more specifics at this time, though I will tomorrow. Of course, if you can’t make it out to Pasadena and you want more information about a particular book, please send me an email:

See you at the fair!


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