Chapter 604 It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like . . . Electric Guitar Playing Nutcrackers

Like many households, we are preparing for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. I host dinner here on Christmas Eve for some of our family, and I enjoy decorating the house for the season.

My tastes tend toward the traditional, like these two Santas.

Now that Tom and Huck are 10 and 12, I ask them to help with the decorating. Between school, sports, scouts, and selling books, I need all the help I can get to make sure the house is in good shape for Christmas. Besides, this is their home, too, and I like them to feel that their own tastes are reflected here and to know that they are making contributions to the quality of life in our family when they help out. (This is part of my effort not to be one of those mothers, about which I wrote three years ago). Tom and Huck, like many kids, love Christmas. They got right to work helping me decorate for the holiday.

Here’s a picture of the wall behind our sofa, which they decorated with a collection of Nutcrackers. Each year at Thanksgiving, Thoughtful Husband’s sister (their aunt) gives each boy his own Nutcracker. It’s been a few years since she started this tradition, and between the two of them, Tom and Huck have developed quite a collection. 😉

Let’s zoom in for a close up. You see, Tom and Huck’s Nutcrackers are not the traditional, lovely, fancy, made-in-Germany Nutcrackers that are ubiquitous at this time of year. No. Each boy has Nutcrackers that are tailored to his own interests:

Huck’s football Nutcracker:

Tom’s skateboard Nutcracker:

Tom’s Electric Guitar Playing Nutcracker

Huck’s San Francisco 49er Nutcracker:

And these sports-themed Nutcrackers are being taken on a sled ride by this penguin Nutcracker.

Sports and rock n’ roll themed Nutcrackers weren’t quite what I had in mind when decorating my house. Thanks to Tom and Huck, somehow it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without them.

See you in the stacks!

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