Chapter 586 In Which We Celebrate The Giants World Series Victory in San Francisco

You may be beginning to wonder if this is still a book blog. I assure you it is, but I must confess that those of us in the Bay Area who have waited 56 years for the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series are still celebrating. I know those that live outside of The City may have moved on since the World Series ended, but since my blog serves as a place for me to remember memorable events, I have to post two more Giants-related posts. Read on, if you dare! Otherwise, come back Monday for more bookish posts.

I was prepared to hunker down and work with books while Tom and Huck were at school Wednesday, but those two crazy baseball fans convinced me that they should be allowed to miss school and attend the Giants Victory Parade in downtown San Francisco. As a former teacher, I do not condone removing one’s children from school without a very good reason, such as illness. Illness with a high fever — sniffles don’t count. Vacations and family fun also do not count as a good reason to miss school.

But the Giants Victory Parade!

This was a once in a lifetime chance (at least a first-time-in-56-year-chance) to watch. Against my own better judgment, I decided to take the boys, thinking that they might always remember and even tell their own kids about the time the Giants won the World Series and their mom let them skip school to see their homecoming parade. (I am nothing if not a sucker for sentimentality.)

I called the school and left the message that my children had a fever — GIANTS FEVER — and that they could only be cured by a trip to the Parade Doctor. Apparently, many other students at school had the same fever Wednesday, as one teacher later told me that many students were absent in order to attend the parade. There will be make-up work to do Thursday, but we were free to go to the parade Wednesday. Carpe diem!

We decided to take a BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train to San Francisco, leaving our house at 8:00am for the BART station. The parade started at 11:00am, and we only live about 20 miles from San Francisco. I wanted to be sure and leave plenty of time to find a good vantage point from which to watch the parade.

Good thing I did. The BART station had a total of four ticket kiosks in operation to serve at least a few thousand customers. It took us a half hour to park our car in the parking lot and two hours of standing in line to get tickets. When we finally boarded the train, at 10:40, it only took 20 minutes to arrive at our destination, Market Street, San Francisco.

Tom and Huck are relieved we finally got on a train.

Do my eyes look a bit manic? That’s what happens when you stand in line for train tickets for two plus hours and worry that after taking your kids out of school for a less-than-good reason, you won’t even make it to the parade on time. You may, in fact, miss the whole thing!

Here’s a fountain at Market and McAllister Streets, where we got off the BART train. The sun shone on San Francisco and her Giants today. 78 degrees Fahrenheit and not a hint of fog or clouds. Hmm. Those ugly concrete blocks around the fountain seem to be sturdy enough to stand on and watch the parade.

Even the firefighters stood on top of their trucks to try to catch a glimpse of the mighty Giants.

About four million people live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I think almost all four million of them were in San Francisco for the parade today. People were everywhere, including on the roof of this building on the right.

And on the fire escape of this building.

And the balconies of this building.

And the window sills of this building.

And in the street in front of the fountain on which we stood.

Here they come! Here they come! Get your cameras ready!

Each Giants player had his own cable car, and as they rode by, the team of misfits transformed into the Kings of The City. Freddy Sanchez was on this cable car.

And Juan Uribe was on this one. I could sort of see them from where I stood, but my camera couldn’t zoom in close enough to get better photos.

Aubrey Huff rode this cable car, and thankfully, we were too far away to see the rally thong.

Here’s the cable car with my personal favorite Giant, Buster Posey. What a great name! What a great catcher!

Despite the massive crowd, the mood was ebullient, and most people were polite and friendly to one another. They were just so excited whenever a Giant rode by on a cable car.

Here are the two crazy fans who convinced me to allow them to miss school for the parade. You boys better be sure you tell the story of how your mom let you skip school when the Giants won the World Series in 2010 to your own kids some day.

What a great parade and a great day with my boys! I know I’ll never forget it. I hope they won’t, either.

Here’s the line to get into the BART station for our return trip, but not even to the platform where the trains are, after the parade. I won’t mind if I forget this part. We finally made it home late this afternoon.

Back to the books after one more baseball-related post tomorrow. I swear it! At least tomorrow’s post has an angle that collectors will appreciate.

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