Chapter 583 This Could Be the Season

Blogging may be light over the next few days given the fact that our local baseball team is in the World Series.

That fact makes blogging about books more challenging than usual because I spend all day waiting for the game to come on and then much of the evening hoping the Giants can win it.

Tonight, they won Game 1 against the Texas Rangers, 11-7.

The Giants have not (yet) won a World Series in my lifetime. The last time they won the World Series was 1954. That they are in the World Series is a source of major pride here in the Bay Area, and we sure hope they win the Series this time!

This year, the Giants seem to have the right combination of talent, drive, and luck. I’m as entertained watching their players interact with each other as I am watching the games. For example, Tim Lincecum’s strange wind up and pitches are fun to watch. I caught him in action at a game we attended this past summer.

I’m not usually much of a sports fan, but when it’s my hometown team and, more importantly, when they work so hard and play so well with and for one another, I’m intrigued.

Tom and Huck are fans, too. Here they are at a Giants game with Giants mascot Lou Seal:

We’re on pins and needles around here, waiting to see if the Giants can pull off a World Series win in our lifetime, preferably this week or next. I’ll still be blogging, but there may be more mention of baseball depending on how our San Francisco Giants do.

See you on the baseball diamond!

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