Chapter 576 Big Weekend Plans

I have big plans this weekend.


Thoughtful Husband is taking Huck on a Cub Scout father-son camping trip and Tom is going to an all-day birthday party on Saturday.

Am I going out?


Am I going to stay home and catch up on things like laundry, meal planning, and closet-cleaning?


Will I be working hard to sell books?

Maybe. Probably not. But I will be doing book-related “work”. You see, something’s been waiting quietly for my time and undivided attention all week.

You will instantly guess what I plan on doing when you see what arrived in the mail this week:

That’s right. It’s time for the ultimate book nerd ritual — reading Fine Books & Collections Magazine from cover to cover while enjoying tea (Earl Grey Imperial — nothing but the best) from a book-shaped teapot (take your pick, below):

I will, of course, be sipping the tea from one (or maybe even all if I make an entire pot of tea) of my book themed mugs:

There may even be chocolate involved.

And, as a bonus, the local historical society is having a big book sale this weekend!

See you after I read my Fine Books & Collections Magazine.


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2 responses to “Chapter 576 Big Weekend Plans

  1. I am slightly concerned about your book-shaped teapot fetish!

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