Chapter 568 Back in the Saddle Again

Well hello there! I’m wondering whether any of you regular readers are still there? It’s been a long time since I wrote — nearly two months.

You may recall that Thoughtful Husband and I were diagnosed with Whooping Cough in late June. Whooping Cough is an epidemic in California right now, and if you haven’t been vaccinated against it in the past five years, you’re susceptible to catching the disease if exposed. Turns out I hadn’t been vaccinated for Whooping Cough since I was a kid.

We had Whooping Cough through most of July and August. My blogging became infrequent, mostly due to the fact that the constant coughing made me exhausted. It was all I could do to keep up with Tom and Huck and running the household. My inaction this summer meant that Book Hunter’s Holiday was de facto put on hold. I bought a few books this summer and started work on Catalogue #2, but I did not work hard to actively sell books. When I finally began to feel better and get my energy back, life got really busy: Tom and Huck returned to school and we resumed the school year schedule of sports, music lessons, and Boy Scouts. I slowly worked my way back into the antiquarian book business, selling books at both the Santa Monica and Sacramento Book Fairs in September. I’ve begun writing occasional articles for BookThink again, and I plan to resume occasional contributions to the Fine Books and Collections blog as well.

Now that it’s October and we’ve settled into the school year-routine, I’m working on actively selling some books. Taking the summer off depleted my cash flow, and there’s not much I can do without building it back up again. I’ve also signed on to do a new fair in Pasadena, CA in February, I’m cataloguing new acquisitions and adding them to my website as quickly as I can, and I’m selling some books on consignment on behalf of a customer for the first time.

If you’re still checking in at the blog now and then, I’d love to hear from you. Now that we’re into October, we’ve settled back into our routine and I’m going to attempt to resume regular blogging here. Expect to find stories of books bought and sold, of the triumphs and the misadventures of an antiquarian bookseller, and (occasionally) of humorous episodes in the continuing saga of Tom and Huck. For anyone who is still reading, thank you. I’ve missed this.


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14 responses to “Chapter 568 Back in the Saddle Again

  1. JBD

    Welcome back! Glad you’re feeling better!
    – Jeremy

  2. Whooping cough, sounds ghastly. I thought it was something only children get. Any way glad you are recovered.

  3. Larry

    Hope your feeling better. Glad to see your back, I always enjoy reading your blog.

  4. Jill

    Good to see you back in the Blogosphere, Chris! As I mentioned to you at the Sacramento Book Fair, I’m pretty sure I had whooping cough last winter, and it’s nasty. Glad you are feeling better, and I’m looking forward to more blog posts and our November tea party!

  5. Yikes, whooping cough! How very old-fashioned it sounds. Glad you’re feeling better. This is why I love Google Reader!

    • I, too, thought it was kind of an old-fashioned disease that only children got. Unfortunately, we are all susceptible to it. For some reason, Whooping Cough has been rampant in Northern CA for the past 6 months. Thanks for the nice welcome back!

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  7. Jen

    Sorry to hear you got whooping cough. I hope you guys are fully recovered. My doctor told me it can be worse for adults. I got it in 2005 at the age of 27, and it still affects my health. (I had a very bad case – led to broken ribs and a pneumonia, and I am asthmatic.) I got it from standing next to an un-vaccinated child at a Bay Area book sale – the child’s parents actually bragged they never vaccinated their children and this was the first time their little boy had ever gotten sick. Whooping cough has been around N. CA for a while now. The good news is there is now a booster for adults. Welcome back!

    • Thanks for the good wishes. I am much better, but I can tell I will have residual respiratory issues whenever I catch a cold or whenever I get out of breath. I don’t have coughing fits anymore, but I still cough very easily, as when I get out of breath. At this point, I’m happy to be able to resume a normal schedule again and hoping the rest will eventually take care of itself. Sounds like you had Whooping Cough really severely. It is certainly no fun. Definitely a good prompt for me to keep up with the booster shots! Thanks again for the kind welcome back.

  8. WJM

    Yay! Well, not Yay for whooping cough! Yay!

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