Chapter 559 Summer Business Goals

Back to the books, finally. Sometimes I really think I should just take the month of May and early June off. I got so little work done during that time, and even less blogging. Now, after three and a half years in business, I have noticed a distinct pattern. May and early June are busy with the end of school, September is busy with the start of school, and December tends to be busy with the holidays. It is unusual for me to get much book work done during these times. In September, I do manage to sell books at two book fairs which require me to travel, but that’s about it. The other months of the year, while still busy, usually allow enough time for me to actually work in a consistent manner.

Now that school’s out for summer and Tom and Huck are interested in playing with the neighbors most days, I can focus again on the book business. I have a few things I’d like to accomplish this summer.

1) Put together my summer reading list and share it here.

2) Better integrate my blog (what you’re reading now) and my website (where I sell books). The first step will be to research the overall “look” I want both the blog and the website to have. I’ll be spending time visiting other bookseller’s sites and making notes on features I especially like (or dislike). I’m also reading a few books, like Tara Frey’s Blogging for Bliss.

3) Catalogue three boxes of acquisitions made since February so I can sell them.

4) Make some decisions about Catalogue #2. (N.B. This does not necessarily mean Catalogue #2 will be in print by summer’s end. Given the three year debacle of missed deadlines for the Dante catalogue, I refuse to put a timeline on Catalogue #2.)

5) Get, assemble, and install one more bookcase to hold the three boxes of new acquisitions. (Yes, I plan to sell the books, but they are just as quickly replaced with more books.)

6) Keep track of my finances on my computer instead of in my old-fashioned ledger book.

7) And, of course, sell books!

Keep in mind, these are goals. Not all of them will be achieved, but I’ll try my best.

See you in the stacks!

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