Chapter 558 “Look at Mom and Smile,” Or, Summer Days with Lou Seal and Eddie Money

Just a week ago I wrote, “Regular posting about books should now resume.”

And then I didn’t post anything after that.

But . . . but . . . but. . . there are good reasons why I haven’t posted.

Well, not really. It’s just that we’ve had some good opportunities lately to do fun things, so we’ve taken advantage of that and had some adventures. I’m reminded of a remark that one bookseller made to me at a book fair when I explained my priorities — family and then books. “But antiquarian booksellers are not allowed to have real lives,” he said. 😉

Despite the caveat from the other bookselIer, I cleared my calendar entirely for this first week of summer and decided to let Tom and Huck set the agenda, giving them my full attention. This was probably not a prudent business decision, but it gets summer off to a good start and gave us the chance to be unstructured after the busy schedule of the school/sports year.

Here are a few of the things we did:

Went to Yosemite (I like to call this shot, “You boys get down from there!”):

Went to a Giants game. Cy Young Award winner Tim Lincecum pitched, two Giants hit back-to-back homeruns, and the Giants beat the Orioles. It was fantastic game! Here are the boys with team mascot, Lou Seal.

Went to the county fair, where we saw 70s/80s music star Eddie Money (“Two Tickets to Paradise”) perform. Thanks to a friend, we were able to get backstage passes. Here’s a picture of the boys with Eddie Money, who told the boys to “look at Mom [me] and smile”. I’ve liked Eddie Money’s music since my high school days, and I always thought it would be fun to meet him. However, never in my weirdest adolescent dreams did I imagine being at an Eddie Money concert while he stood with my children and referred to me as “Mom”. 😉

Backstage before the show, Eddie Money’s guitarist, Tommy Girvin, kindly gives Huck some pointers on the guitar:

Thankfully, some bookish bloggers are writing actual book-related posts. Ever wonder what really goes on during a week at University of Virginia’s Rare Book School? Jeremy at Philobiblos has written three terrific reports about his time there.

And Booktryst has a fascinating post (with pictures) on Sangorski and Sutcliffe bindings.

And Book Hunter’s Holiday and several other of our book colleagues were recently mentioned in Photography College’s 50 Best Blogs for Avid Antiquers.

See you in the stacks!

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