Chapter 557 It’s Finally Summer!

It’s Monday. [Insert typical blah Monday response here.] And by time you read this, it will probably be Tuesday, because right now it is late Monday.

This Monday, however, the fact that it is Monday is cause for joy.

The kids are finally out of school for the summer, and I am just starting to re-work my schedule to meet the different (n.b. not necessarily slower) pace of summertime activities. During the past couple of weeks, I was too busy to blog coherently. My family and I have taken our annual trip to Yosemite, have already visited the beach at Half Moon Bay (the Pacific Ocean) twice, have participated in one swim meet, have had five kids spend the night, and went to one end-of-school-year party and one World Cup party.

I may need a vacation to recover from my summer vacation. 🙂

Regular posting about books should now resume:

In the meantime, I’ve finally finished Rostenberg and Stern’s Between Boards: New Thoughts on Old Books. This book has a wealth of information for booksellers, and, if you are one, I highly recommend reading it. If you’re not an antiquarian bookseller but have always wondered what the job entails, read this book.

Another gem from Madeleine B. Stern:

To authenticate a reminisce, to ferret out small facts and make large inferences, to see connections, to ambulate mentally — these are the tasks of the detectives who work with books. The wider their frame of reference and the keener their skills, the more productive their detection. They need two guardians as well: a firm and unwavering scepticism at their right hand and the Prince of Serendip at their left. Then their adventures will be all but limitless, for the books that possess them are the record of life itself.

I can’t say it any better myself. I love the antiquarian book business!

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