Chapter 554 May Mini-Break

Just checking in to apologize for not posting much since last week. May is a crazy-busy month in our house. May is filled with birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and a whole plethora of end-of-school year ceremonies, music recitals, and sports games. Oh, and I’m supposed to sell books, too. In the midst of all this crazy-busy-ness, Thoughtful Husband and I took the past three days to visit San Francisco and Sonoma to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I did not do one bit of book work all weekend, except to visit the best antiquarian book shop in Sonoma, Chanticleer Books. Book shopping, good wine, and good food. What a wonderful weekend. I am now rested, rejuvenated, and ready to make it through the next three weeks until school is out for the summer.

Thank you, to my mom and dad, for deciding to have a fun weekend with your grandchildren while we were away. They, too, enjoyed every minute of it. Our leisurely little mini-break was heavenly, but I didn’t blog at all while I was away.

Now I’m back and I’m catching up on emails, phone messages, and snail mail. I’ll be back to posting here just as soon as I can. Thanks for waiting!

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