Chapter 544 In Which I Lament the Lack of Images

When I write a post for my blog, I like, where appropriate, to illustrate it with photos taken on my digital camera. I love words, but sometimes an image just better expresses the scene I’m trying to set.

My camera has been a bit wonky lately — unable to take outdoor pictures. Whenever I’m outdoors, the photos turn out completely white (overexposed?). I’ve tried adjusting all the settings to no avail. The camera worked indoors, sort of, with many images turning out blurry, but a few turning out acceptably. Today, it finally gave out completely. I’ve had the camera for several years, and until now it’s served me reliably. I should mention that the camera was accidentally dropped to the ground a couple of months ago. I am pretty certain this jarring collision with concrete was the genesis of the problems I’m having now.

I’m hoping to be back to showing some images soon. I happen to think they make blogging more interesting. I’m looking at new cameras. I’m trying to find a very simple (for technically illiterate me) but good quality digital camera. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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One response to “Chapter 544 In Which I Lament the Lack of Images

  1. ooooo, any of the Canon Elphs. They have served me well over the years. They have image stabilization, a decent “macro” mode and they are very compatible with my Apple iBook. I NEVER use the flash, indoors or out. It probably helps save on battery life. They are reasonably priced. I have the Power Shot SD1100 but I’m sure there is a newer model by now. I use it daily some weeks to photograph my books. I use it for garden photos as well. HAVE FUN SHOPPING FOR ONE! You can probably play with one at a Best Buy and then pick it up for less on Amazon.

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