Chapter 538 The Best Bookish Blog You May Not (Yet) Be Reading

Where have I been this week? Trotting the globe to find more fantastic books for my customers? Researching ephemera in hopes of increasing my knowledge in that subject field? Selling books and increasing my worldwide domination of the antiquarian book trade? ๐Ÿ™‚

Alas, no.

I’m working on books here and there this week because I have decided it is time for my house to have a thorough spring cleaning. Wait. That makes it sound as though spring cleaning happens every spring. In fact, a very thorough, down-to-the-baseboards, sorting, cleaning, and scrubbing of our little home has not happened in . . . well, in some time.

I’ll spare you the pictures of cluttered closets and disorganized dresser drawers and unwashed windows and refer you to someplace much more informative.

I’ve mentioned this blog once before, and there are not one but two permanent links to it in my right hand sidebar — one in the blogroll and one in the “Helpful Resources” section. If you haven’t bookmarked or subscribed to this blog and you’re a book collector or someone who wants to learn all about the world of book collecting, you need to go straight over to The Private Library.


The list of links to other bookish resources is unparalleled, the author’s knowledge is vast, and his use of photos to illustrate concepts are quite handy.

. . . And he’s contemplating putting the blog on hiatus until he figures out how to get more traffic and increase his readership. Do not — I repeat, do not — let that happen. The Private Library is an excellent site, whether you are a new or experienced collector. It is a fantastic resource for those of us who want to learn, whether collectors or booksellers.

If time permits, you might leave him a comment under any topic you find particularly useful.

Thanks for reading!


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6 responses to “Chapter 538 The Best Bookish Blog You May Not (Yet) Be Reading

  1. Your kind words and continued support are very much appreciated!

    We begin anew on April 26….

  2. Linda Hedrick

    I read both this blog and The Private Library – anything to do with books is right up my alley! Thanks for all you do, and for helping to save The Private Library. And if you run out of rooms to clean……….

    • Thanks for letting us bookish bloggers know you like our work. I have limited rooms to clean, but it’s the stuff in the rooms that seems to keep coming back in an unlimited kind of way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Jill

    Hi Chris,

    I have subscribed to The Private Library blog for some time, but I rarely leave a comment (although I should). Was just wondering if he has a way of tracking his traffic, so to speak? If so, he might find that there are more readers than he realizes. I hope so, since it’s a great resource!

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