Chapter 533 Images of a Book Fair — Spring Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair 2010

I returned Sunday from a fun weekend at the Spring Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair, held in Sacramento, California. While I always make sure to attend this fair when it’s held in September each year, this is the first year since I’ve been in business that they’ve also held a spring fair. Here are a few photos:

The booth space that I shared with Mr. Z. (aka Tavistock Books).

A local morning television show in Sacramento came early in the morning (6:45 a.m.!) and filmed a short segment on the fair:

Books on my shelves:

In my glass display case, an illustration of characters from the Wizard of Oz by comic strip cartoonist Dan Heilman.

A 40-volume set of the works of Shakespeare in miniature in its own miniature bookcase.

A highlight of the fair — drinks and dinner with my fellow booksellers at the end of each day:

As to the fair itself — it was well-organized. Jim Kay of Bookbomb always does a fantastic job promoting the fair. A lot of people attended. The fair was busy all day, but my own sales were not what I would have liked. Lots of people were bustling about the fair and looking at books of all kinds, but not very many were actually buying (at least not from me). Oh well. You win some, you lose some. I did find a lot of books to buy, more books than I’ve bought at a book fair in quite a while. I came home with two boxes of new (to me) books bought at very good prices. These purchases made the fair, despite the sluggish sales, very worthwhile for me. I would do this fair again. While there is a need to make a profit at book fairs (or at least to cover your expenses), book fairs are also great places to acquire new books and to build relationships with customers and other booksellers. There was an abundance of opportunity for the latter two at this fair.

Coming soon: New acquisitions from the fair.

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