Chapter 530 It’s Time to Apply for the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar

The Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar, held every summer, is now accepting applications. Here’s a post from last year, that was a re-post of something I’d written about the Seminar in 2008. It’s just as applicable in 2010 as it was in 2008 and 2009. If you’re thinking you’d might like the seminar but don’t really know what it’s about, read on:

Ten Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Going to the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar

1. You want to improve the quality of books you sell but don’t know how to go about doing that.

2. You want to meet other booksellers. Remember, booksellers who know you sometimes offer you first refusal on great material.

3. You want to be able to ask questions of and receive advice from those booksellers considered experts in the field.

4. You want to know more about on-line selling venues and how to sell books there — websites, databases, auctions, blogs.

5. You want to know more about managing an open shop.

6. You want to know more about how to exhibit at a book fair profitably.

7. You want to know how best to use technology in bookselling — whether its scanning book images for your catalogue or website or building your website.

8. You want to learn the names of the major reference books and bibliographies used by booksellers.

9. You want to be learn how to decipher collational formulas like this one: 2′ a-b2 A-L2 and others so complex they are too difficult to type here.

10. You want to be a better bookseller.

I’ve blogged about this great course before here, but I want to remind you that they are now accepting applications for this year’s course. You can read a great in-depth article that gives a day to day account of the seminar here. And, of course, the site for the seminar itself is here.

Don’t forget, both full and partial scholarships are offered and beginners are welcome (as are booksellers of all levels of expertise).

This course helped me make the transition from wanting to be a bookseller to understanding how to be bookseller. I recommend it highly. It’s so good I’ve considered attending it for a second time and I know booksellers who have attended more than once. Don’t be afraid to dream and don’t let yourself be intimidated by what you don’t know yet. I am writing that last sentence as much for me as I am for you. 🙂

See you in the stacks!


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4 responses to “Chapter 530 It’s Time to Apply for the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar

  1. Three reasons why I cant do – as much as I would love to.

    1 – I cant afford it – unless I win the lottery…

    2 – Scholarships are probably only available for americans and I am not an american.

    3 – I have no intention of being subjected to the interrogation, the groping and the very shabby and bad treatment of visitors by the TSA at the airports.

    • Too bad. We’d love to have you. As to scholarships only being available to Americans, I do not think that is the case. I think the opportunity to try for a scholarship is available to anyone signing up for the course who wants to apply for the scholarship. In any case, I post this post not to make you feel like you have to come to the seminar, just to point out the highlights to those who are wondering about the seminar and who may want to apply.

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