Chapter 527 In Which Words Fail

Sometimes words can’t do justice to the things we encounter.

Sometimes words are just inadequate.

Today is, unfortunately, one of those times.

A good friend of mine whose only child is a good friend of Tom’s passed away last night.

We met when the boys were in kindergarten (they’re finishing up 6th grade now) and we hit it off over a pretty funny conversation about whiny parents who do their children a disservice by catering to their child’s every whim. She was witty and smart and I’ve enjoyed her ever since. Tom and her son go to school together, play together, were in Cub Scouts and on sports teams together, and they each attend the other’s birthday party each year.

Now this boy’s mother has died. And he is still so young. Our hearts are breaking for him. And for his dad. And for his late mother, who had been ill for some time and did all she could for as long as she could not to have to leave her son before he was grown. We brought them a meal on Friday evening, and I knew the situation was dire when I delivered the meal. Still, it is always a shock when the end result of terminal illness becomes reality.

The phone rang last night, and it was her eleven-year-old son. He called us himself (and he wanted to) to tell us “a really bad thing happened today” — his mom had passed away.

I may or may not post more this week. I’m still reeling from the news that she has died and I’m still in awe at the extraordinary strength of my friend and her family.

Words fail me.

Thanks for understanding if it’s quiet around here for a few days.


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7 responses to “Chapter 527 In Which Words Fail

  1. Jan

    Chris, we will be thinking about and praying for your friend’s family and yours during this period of grieving and adjustment. You are such a good person. (Your kindness shines through in all of your blog posts.) There is no doubt that you will be a tremendous blessing to all of them.

  2. Jill

    Chris, I am so sorry. A close friend of mine lost her husband very suddenly in January — he had just returned from a fishing trip and was in good health. So very sad that your son’s friend lost his mother when he is still so young. As Jan said, I will also be thinking and praying about all of you. Take care.

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  4. Ah, I’m just so sorry. Thinking of you.

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