Chapter 526 The New Sort-of-Extreme-Home-Makeover

I wrote yesterday about our new Sort-of-Extreme-Makeover project here at home — a set of permanent bookcases for my books.

I’ve always wanted bigger bookcases than the three-shelf-high portable bookcases I use for book fairs and, until this week, have used for home storage of my books. I decided to go with five of these. I added optional glass doors. Just to be safe, Thoughtful Husband is bolting them all to the wall so they won’t tip over in the event of earthquake, which is a real possibility here in the Bay Area. The bookcases will run the length of the long hallway in our home. This is a good spot for books as there are no windows on the hallway and the books will be somewhat protected from damage from sunlight. The glass doors will help protect the books from the traffic of our family walking up and down that hallway many times a day.

Thoughtful Husband has already been hard at work and has assembled two and a half book cases and bolted them to the wall. Forgive the somewhat dark photos. It’s hard to get a good angle for photos in a hallway.

I took a certain satisfaction in finally being able to display my book fair sign and the trade edition of the book from which I borrowed my business name, Book Hunter’s Holiday.

This shelf holds, among other things, all of my favorite books by Nicholas Basbanes. Reading his book, A Gentle Madness, gave me the initial inspiration to pursue book collecting and, later, antiquarian bookselling.

This shelf holds bookseller memoirs and books about book hunting and bookselling.

This shelf holds just a few of the bibliographies and reference books I use to do research. These types of books ended up filling one entire five-shelf case. If there’s one thing I have learned from my mentor, Mr. Z, it’s that you can never own too many reference books. Accurate information is key when describing books for sale.

I’ll post some more pictures in the next few weeks, when Thoughtful Husband has finished assembling the rest of the bookcases and I finish unpacking the boxes of books.

See you in the stacks!


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5 responses to “Chapter 526 The New Sort-of-Extreme-Home-Makeover

  1. Half your titles on the Memoirs shelf I own and have read and reviewed on my Blog.

    Of the other half – some I dont have or have never heard of them (but am adding them to my TBR list on Goodreads) and the rest are currently sitting on my TBR pile right now.

    I feel like I am in good company knowing that most of my books are the same as most of yours.

  2. And I feel in good company knowing that we have a lot of reading material in common. I will add that several of these I purchased after reading reviews of them on your blog.

  3. This looks so great! Congrats on the next step in the direction of your dreams.

  4. WJM

    Can I borrow T.H.? Will pay airfare to Rand McNally, and return him in good condition once the shelves are done.

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