Chapter 525 From Chaos, Order — I Hope

I’m working on a big book maintenance project this week.

I’m in spring cleaning mode. It’s time for the semi-annual dusting of books on shelves and dusting of shelves.

Many of my books are still in boxes from February’s San Francisco fair. I may leave them there until the spring fair in Sacramento on March 27. When I go to a book fair, every book has to come off of the book shelves because I use portable, folding bookcases at home. Those bookcases need to go to the fair whether all of the books are coming or not.

Now that I’ve done ten book fairs and I have five fairs planned for 2010, I am beginning to get really tired of emptying every book off every shelf every time I have a fair. It gets really messy around here during book fair season. The books that stay home fill boxes that line the hallway and the floor of our bedroom, living room, and dining room.

I am so lucky that this does not seem to completely annoy Thoughtful Husband. It does, however, annoy me. If you’re going to own (and sell) a lot of books, you must take care of them properly. You must take care of them so that they bring you joy.

The following images do not bring me joy.

Here are some extra books in boxes:

Here are a few more oversize books on the top shelf of Tom and Huck’s closet:

And here are some extra books in a bookcase and on top of the bookcase and in the boxes on the floor of our room:

What a mess!

I’ve been in business three years, and I’ve decided that it’s time to invest in some real book cases, book cases that can become permanent fixtures in our home, book cases that look nice enough that I don’t cringe when guests come over to my house, book cases that won’t kill me if they topple over in an earthquake. The portable book cases can be stored flat and taken out to use for book fairs.

I wanted to buy one of these:

But, alas, it is not in budget, despite the good sales from my Dante catalogue.

I’ll show you our new Extreme Home Makeover Project tomorrow. I really really hope it doesn’t take as long as the last Extreme Home Makeover Project.

See you in the stacks!

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