Chapter 511 Gold in Your Books

At a recent library sale, I purchased for a dollar Van Allen Bradley’s 1958 book collecting classic, Gold in Your Attic. It’s a fun and quick read, if a bit dated.

My copy is an ex-library copy, discarded from the Josephine County Library in Grants Pass, Oregon. It’s not really worth any gold.

Sometimes, though, I find treasure in books. At the back of my copy of Gold in Your Attic, I found some “gold” to treasure and enjoy, a message for book borrowers everywhere:

The library card pocket is something one doesn’t often find in modern library books. The paper cards, with their stamped dates that revealed the frequency with which a book was checked out, have mostly been replaced with the more utilitarian but far less interesting bar code. And the pockets, like this one which acclaims its book-loving motto, have also disappeared.

I love finding unexpected “gold” like this in old books!


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3 responses to “Chapter 511 Gold in Your Books

  1. Nice find! I don’t recall having seen an illustrated card pocket before. Uncommon? I’ll have to pay more attention to the card pockets at the next library sale.

  2. Thanks. I don’t recall ever having seen an illustrated card pocket before either. That said, I’ve never paid close enough attention, but I will now.

  3. I remember in middle school (maybe five, six years ago) the library was remodeled along with the school so I went to help pack up some of the books. I found this one old book that still had a card pocket and the last checked out date was something like 1967. I showed it to the librarian and she said, “Mythology: not so popular, huh?” It’s weird to think that if it was rare for me, it’ll be even rarer for those younger than me…

    What a great slogan for a card packet, too. The illustration is a bit weird, but it’s kind of fitting, I suppose…

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