Chapter 509 Of Busy-ness, the Book Business, Writer’s Block, and Catalogue #1

Anyone still reading this blog? If not, I don’t blame you. It’s been over a month since I last posted. If you are still reading, thank you. Blogging is going to (slowly but surely) resume.

Are you wondering where I’ve been since mid-December? I’ve been right here, all along, but I took a brief hiatus from writing the blog for several reasons. First and foremost, I got busy with family and social obligations during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Work got put on hold for most of December while I baked, cooked, visited, and was visited by others. My new niece, my youngest brother’s daughter, was here in Northern California for a whole week, and what a wonderful week it was. I got to hold her and play with her numerous times while she was here, and, if you don’t mind accepting my biased opinion, she is a perfect child. When I held her, I was in another world. I remember that I momentarily had a passing thought that went something like this: “Books? What books?”

My niece, who shall henceforth be called Perfect Child, and me

Once the holidays ended, I said goodbye to my darling niece, but I found when the boys returned to school that I had to contend with Tom’s new schedule for basketball practice: two afternoons a week, to be held about a half an hour’s drive (each way) from our house. This meant (and still means) that on those two afternoons, not only am I not home between 3:00 and 5:30 p.m., but neither is our dinner. On those days, dinner must be organized by the time I leave the house to pick up the boys from school at 3:00 p.m. That way, we can eat soon after we arrive home at 5:30 and the boys can start their homework. I’m now cooking dinner during part of my “work” hours on those days. At the beginning of this school year I’d also extended the boys’ bedtime hour. They are now both allowed to stay up until 9:00 p.m. on school nights. A few years ago, when I started my business, they were younger and went to bed at 8:00 p.m. I usually did my blogging from 8:00 until 9:00 with time left over to catch up with Thoughtful Husband to see how his day went. With the later bedtime for Tom and Huck, I’m too tired for coherent writing by the time the kids are in bed. I needed to find a new, consistent time each day to write posts.

Added to the challenge of my current schedule was something new: writer’s block. After writing for almost two and a half years with few long breaks, I seemed to be losing focus, and I didn’t like that. If I’m going to put in time writing a blog, I want it to be 1) a record of my life as a bookseller and as a wife and mother, and 2) useful in some small way to others, even if only to make them laugh. I’ve been using this time away from writing to think about how best to meet these goals in future posts.

Finally, frustrated with my inability to make real progress, I forbade myself to work on anything else until I had finished Book Hunter’s Holiday Catalogue #1: Dante Alighieri. After countless iterations, endless rounds of proofreading, and three different “final” printed proofs from the printer, I am happy to tell you (especially those of you who never gave up on me) that the catalogue is being printed as I type this post. It should be available in a couple of weeks, around the time of the San Francisco Antiquarian Book Fair.

I am happy to have finally finished the catalogue, and I think that it will go a long way toward easing the writer’s block I experienced.

Thanks to all those of you who’ve been reading the blog, whether you’ve just found it or have been around since post number one. It feels good to be back!

See you in the stacks!


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5 responses to “Chapter 509 Of Busy-ness, the Book Business, Writer’s Block, and Catalogue #1

  1. Congrats on the catalog! That’s an exciting step.

    (I love Google Reader because I don’t have to remember to check if people have posted–it tells me!)

  2. Thanks for continuing to read the blog!

  3. Jill

    Welcome back, Chris! I think everyone gets a bit overwhelmed during the holidays, and sometimes things remain stressful beyond those dates, so don’t worry about the lack of postings lately. I have managed to be involved in a car accident (everyone is okay, thank goodness), help a friend who lost her husband very unexpectedly, and deal with a computer virus that kept my PC in the shop for two days, all within the last week and a half. Yikes!

    Looking forward to seeing the Dante catalogue (hooray!)and especially to seeing you at the S.F. book fair!

  4. Bill

    Welcome back and congrats on finishing catalogue No. 1! You should be very proud of this.

  5. Thanks, Jill and Bill. It’s so good to know you are still reading. Jill — hope your life gets a bit less hectic in February!

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