Chapter 506 Thanksgiving Sojourn

I’m back from my usual Thanksgiving sojourn to the home of Thoughtful Husband’s sister and her family.

Thanksgiving was delicious.

We had turkey:

We had football:

We spent time together:

And we welcomed a brand new member of our extended family:

This is my new great-niece, the daughter of one of Thoughtful Husband’s nephews. That’s right! I am a great-aunt. All weekend, Huck kept asking me (in all seriousness) whether being a great-aunt meant I was a grandma. Sweet, but I’m nowhere near ready to be a grandma just yet. 🙂 That’s me holding the darling little one and Thoughtful Husband’s mom playing with her. Since Tom and Huck are now big boys of 9 and 11, I loved holding her and feeding her and playing with her. It’s been ages since I spent a lot of time with a baby.

Today I got the added bonus of hearing that my youngest brother and his wife will travel from southern California to join us for Christmas Eve with their brand new baby girl, another niece! I can’t wait to meet her in person.

It was truly a wonderful weekend, one for which I am very thankful, and I hope your weekend was, too. Now that we are into the busy Christmas season (busy with books, baking — one of my favorite holiday hobbies, and party planning), blogging is likely to be a little light. I plan on returning a little later this week with a list of holiday gift ideas for the bookish.

See you in the stacks!

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