Chapter 504 QB

I don’t know if I’ve written about it before, but I’m not much of a sports fan. I’ve just never been very interested in watching sports. As a kid, I played a few sports — soccer, basketball, and softball — but I wasn’t very good. Once, when playing 5th grade basketball, I actually scored a basket — in the other team’s basket. I have yet to live it down. Sports, it seemed, just weren’t for me. By the time I reached high school, I had migrated to activities like dance (insert “jazz hands” here) and editing the school literary magazine. 😉 With a few exceptions, I would much rather stay home and read a book than watch a sports game.

My attitude began to change when my own kids began to play sports. I once wrote of Tom and Huck: “I sometimes think that my particular boys were born to me so I would get my nose out of my books and experience life.” Nowhere is this statement more true than on the sports field. I’ve learned a lot about sports and the importance of competitive sports just from watching Tom and Huck play soccer, baseball, basketball, and now (for Huck), flag football.

Huck loves football. We’re not sure where this love came from, since none of us played football. Thoughtful Husband did play freshman year football in high school, but that’s it. And Huck wasn’t around to see it. The love Huck feels for this sport is a love sprouted from his own individual heart. He currently plays on a local flag football team for kids, the Green Bay Packers.

Over the weekend, Huck’s flag football team was invited to play an exhibition game at our local community college, College of San Mateo. CSM’s Bulldogs played the Reedley Tigers for the Northern California Championships on Saturday. For halftime entertainment, CSM invited a few of the younger kids’ flag football teams to play a short football game during halftime for the college’s game.

Huck was thrilled to play on a “real” football field. The field for kiddie flag football is much shorter than 100 yards. The CSM field is “real” alright. Overlooking beautiful San Francisco Bay, it is 100 yards of green surrounded by a running track and filled with bleachers on one side.

It was fun to watch a college football game in person, something I haven’t done since . . . well, since college. I cheered on the mighty Bulldogs from the stands.

I looked at the boys on the CSM team and tried to imagine Huck being that big some day. He’s only nine-years-old right now, so I have to admit that I can’t envision him as a big college boy just yet. I wondered: At what age will he be taller than me? What will his voice sound like? Will he still play football?

Occasionally, my gaze drifted beyond the game to the beautiful San Francisco Bay (that’s the San Mateo Bridge in the picture below). It was a clear, crisp, sunny autumn day. On days like this, with a view like this, I cannot summon the usual urge I have to move to a little farm on the mid-western prairie. On days like this, I forget the traffic, the crowds, and the high cost of living. On days like this, I like the Bay Area just fine and I want to stay forever.

Soon enough, my reverie was interrupted by half-time and the college players leaving the field.

The younger kids were lined up and ready to take the field.

They ran on like champions. I am certain I heard the theme song to “Monday Night Football” (even if I only heard it in my head). Huck is the tall boy, second from the end of the line.

At first, while the other team had the ball, Huck cheered on his team mates from the sidelines.

Then, it was his turn to play in the game. He played quarterback today, or, as he (and I’m told other football afficionados) call it, “QB”.

Here he is making a pass. Huck is wearing the green shirt (their team is the Green Bay Packers) and the football is blue.

My baby is playing QB and passing the ball on a college-sized field?!

I’ve always loved football. 🙂

If you’ll permit a bit of motherly indulgence, here’s his big pass close-up.

The boys were cheered by the CSM football team as they left the field at the end of their exhibition. Huck was on top of the world — and so was I.

One of the things I love about my kids is that sometimes I get to see the world (and sports) from their vantage point.

We are proud of our QB!


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2 responses to “Chapter 504 QB

  1. Go Huck!!!

    Ok 2 questions –
    1 – what is the difference between flag football and regular football?
    2 – That san mateo bridge looks like it goes to nowhere. It looks like it just stops in the water. Where does it go? Does it turn a corner somewhere where I cannot see?


  2. Hi Historia,

    Good questions, both.

    Flag football does not have tackling. The players wear belts with detachable “flags” (little scraps of fabric). Instead of tackling an opposing player, they rip off their flags. Once a flag is ripped off, the play is over.

    The San Mateo Bridge begins in the town of San Mateo and ends in the town of Hayward. If you look really closely at the right hand side of the bridge photo, you can see that it descends and then curves. It’s a very long bridge — takes about 15 minutes to cross it. That said, it’s a nice bridge and without too much traffic (like the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges).

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