Chapter 495 My First Appearance in Print

Today I received the Fine Book & Collections 2009 Compendium in the mail. Now that the magazine has gone to an online-only format, the annual Compendium is a print version I have been eagerly awaiting.


In addition to the great Gift Guide for Book Lovers and a slew of great articles, the 2010 Bookseller Resource Guide included in the Compendium lets you know where you might consider shopping to fulfill all of your bookish needs.

Wait a minute. What’s that?

Hmm. Let’s zoom in a little bit on page 89, to the first listing under the heading “Book Dealers”:

fb&c ad

It’s the first time I’ve advertised my business in print! It’s a humble ad, not nearly as pretty as the half-page and full-page ads by some of the other dealers, but it’s in there. This is also the first time that my logo, originally drawn in the early 20th century by my great-grandmother, has made it into print, and I think that’s kind of neat.

Another milestone reached. I feel so official!

Thanks for letting me toot my own horn today.

See you in the stacks!


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5 responses to “Chapter 495 My First Appearance in Print

  1. Rick

    I received my copy yesterday and ran quickly through it, your ad jumped off the page at me. Nice job!

  2. Yes I got my copy too.
    I didnt look at the directory.
    I must rectify that immediately.

  3. Congratulations! Very exciting, and the logo looks great, doesn’t it? Really makes your ad stand out from the pack.

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