Chapter 493 Things to Remember

I am finally re-shelving my books this week, the ones I brought to the Golden Gate Park Book Fair two weeks ago. Between last week’s work on the top secret Dante project and Halloween and sporting activities for Tom and Huck, I didn’t have time to shelve books. They’ve been sitting in boxes all over my house and it’s driving me to distraction. I’ve got to put them away so I can stop looking at a bunch of boxes crowding up my living room and hallway.

Once the re-shelving is done, I have a slew of other work waiting. Here’s my list of some of the things that must be done before I forget to do them:

1) Order more business cards. I ran out of cards at the Golden Gate Park Book Fair.

2) Order envelopes for mailing the Dante catalogue, so it’s ready to mail when it gets back from the printer.

3) Print the Dante catalogue — this involves dealing with the graphic designer ONE more time before actually sending to the printer. I do have a printer lined up, though.

4) Catalogue all new acquisitions — given that I sold and bought books at three book fairs in six weeks’ time, that means I have quite a few things to catalogue.

5) Make nice, uniformly printed description cards for books that go in glass case at book fairs. I have the descriptions all written, but really need to print them on sturdier paper. I want my booth to look nice at February’s San Francisco Antiquarian Book, Print, and Paper Fair.

6) Update website with many more books to sell. (I’ll be doing this soon, as I have a lot of newly catalogued books to offer but have never added them to the website. Why? I have no idea. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.)

7) Begin what is likely to be time-consuming but ultimately profitable research on a few items for the San Francisco Antiquarian Book, Print, and Paper Fair.

8) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention — sell books!

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