Chapter 491 Halloween Festivities

We had a fun and happy Halloween here, and we have the candy to prove it! Here are a few snapshots of our spookily spectacular Halloween weekend:

Tom decided to be Burger King this year. I have no idea why. Junior high school (6th grade) brings about strange new behavior and strange choices in Halloween costumes:

But I still have a couple of cute hot dogs, willing to dress up as almost any silly thing. Here’s Huck and our dog, Molly. Could the dog look more humiliated to be dressed as a hot dog? 😉

Here are the boys with some of the neighbors on our front porch. They’re about to leave to go trick or treating with their dads. I stayed home to hand out candy:

Tom and Huck built a scary cemetery scene on our front lawn this year:

Our neighbor, the one who had the idea to build a hoverboard earlier this year, built this great jack-in-the-box. He figured out how to hook it up to an air compressor so that when trick-or-treaters walked by, Jack jumped up and out of the box, giving them a bit of a Halloween scare. He’s 12 and a great builder of all things mechanical:

A neighbor a few blocks away builds a different haunted house every year. This year, he built “The Tomb”. Very scary!

Now it’s back to work, but with the added bonus of some Halloween treats in the bowl beside me! Hope you had a happy Halloween!

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One response to “Chapter 491 Halloween Festivities

  1. Jill

    Chris, the look on Molly’s face made me laugh out loud. Poor little Oscar-ita Meyer! Too funny. Hope to see you soon — by the way, the Vintage Paper Fair is Nov. 14-15 in Concord. If you decide to venture over to my neck of the woods, let me know. It’s primarily post cards, but sometimes there is a rare gem mixed in.

    Thanks for the laugh!

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