Chapter 482 2009 Fine Books & Collections Compendium Now Available

Great news! The Fine Books & Collections Winter 2010 Compendium is now available.

Those of you who have been interested in books and book collecting for a while already know that Fine Books & Collections was one of a handful of magazines for book collectors. Last year, the periodical went to an online-only format; no more print versions of the magazine will be printed. While there are still the same well-written articles on all kinds of bookish topics in the online version and there’s also a blog (to which I occasionally contribute), I find it difficult to read through an entire month’s worth of articles on my computer, especially those I might want to keep for future reference. Yes, I love and use digital technology, but I miss print!

According to Fine Books & Collections, The Compendium is a “deluxe edition of the magazine that will include our best columnists, feature articles, a directory of the industry, and more.” Last January, I received an email message from FB &C that “current active subscribers will receive the Compendium as part of your subscription to Fine Books & Collections. ”

I look forward to receiving it. I have missed the print version of the magazine, and though this won’t replace that, it will also include the 2010 Gift Guide for the book minded and the 2010 Bookseller Resource Guide, a listing of more than 700 bookstores and book-related institutions worldwide. (Full disclosure: I have purchased a listing in the Resource Guide, the first time I have advertised my business in print.) 🙂

If you’re interested, you can order your own copy here.

Happy reading!

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