Chapter 480 It’s That Time of Year Again, Or, Favorite Descriptions of Autumn

It’s autumn, and here in the Bay Area the forecast is for a major rainstorm in the next 24 hours with 50-70 mph winds. Despite the high wind warning, this storm is good news for our drought-stricken state. The added bonus is that the weather finally feels like fall here. In celebration of the fall weather, I like to read (and re-read) certain books each year at the beginning of autumn to appreciate the changing seasons. This year, I am re-reading Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie. Here’s Laura’s description of fall:

“[Pa] stacked the small stack of hay by the barn. He cut the winter’s wood and corded it in a long cord against the house. Now he had only to get meat enough to last while he was gone, so he took his gun and went hunting.

Laura and Mary played in the wind outdoors. When they heard a shot echo in the woods along the creek, they knew Pa had got some meat.

The wind was cooler now, and all along the creek bottoms, flocks of wild ducks were rising, flying, settling again. Up from the creek came long lines of wild geese, forming in V’s for their flight farther south. The leader in front called to those behind him. “Honk?” he called. All down the lines the wild geese answered, one after another. “Honk.” “Honk.” “Honk.” Then he cried, “Honk!” And, “Honk-honk! Honk-honk!” the others answered him. Straight away south he flew on his strong wings and the long lines evenly followed him.

The tree-tops along the creek were colored now. Oaks were reds and yellows and browns and greens. Cottonwoods and sycamores and walnuts were sunshiny yellow. The sky was not so brightly blue, and the wind was rough.

That afternoon the wind blew fiercely and it was cold. Ma called Mary and Laura into the house. She built up the fire and drew her rocker near it, and she sat rocking Baby Carrie and singing softly to her.”

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