Chapter 476 Still Digging Out

Well hello there!

I’m still digging out from under the avalanche of the paperwork and new acquisitions that came home from two recent book fairs; from the whirlwind of the back to school, sports, and scouts schedule of my kids; from my mother-in-law needing emergency surgery last week (she’s doing great, thank you); and from a couple of September birthday celebrations. I miss blogging daily, but lately I get to the end of my day and find there are no hours left. That’s the way life is sometimes. I’m just trying roll with it and hope there are still a few of you checking in on the blog from time to time. Judging from past experience, September is one of the busiest months on my calendar. I’m expecting (hoping?) October will be a little more routine.

I still plan to report on the Sacramento Book Fair and to start telling the story of my first successful quote to a library. I’ll be back just as soon as I can.

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One response to “Chapter 476 Still Digging Out

  1. Chris~
    Happy to see you blogging again, and nice to hear that Jeff’s mom is better. I’m looking forward to your post on quoting to libraries (and selling the item quoted!), and your report on the Sacramento Fair.
    Even though you’re not able to make it to the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair on Oct. 10th & 11th (despite our efforts to get you there), it’d be great if you could spread the word. I’m happy to send out free admit passes. I have great hopes for this fair. It’s always a fun time with great buying opportunities, and Louis Collins & David Gregor are masters at running this show. And, I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask that everyone at the fair visit Ian Kahn of Lux Mentis & I, Jeanne Jarzombek of The Book Prowler, at Booth #506.

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