Chapter 442 At Last — Summer Reading . . . Well, Not Quite

Sorry it’s been so quiet around the blog today. The arrival of summer brings with it an end to homework and sports practices for Tom and Huck, but it also brings a slew of other (mostly enjoyable) activities. Some times we are gone all day and by time we get home and cook dinner and get the boys off to bed, it’s too late for coherent blogging. So, forgive me if blogging is a little sporadic lately. I’ll continue to post as often as I can.

Before summer is out, I wanted to share my (planned) summer reading. 🙂 You must understand that I will absolutely not read all of these before summer’s end; it’s just my plan. Sometimes activities come up or people visit and I get sidetracked . . .

. . . loud noises and sirens outside . . . Huck says to come out right now . . . be right back.

And now, almost two hours after I started this post . . .

I feel like the universe is conspiring against me to keep me from sharing my summer reading list. Unbelievably, I’m not going to get to it today either! It’s really not all that spectacular anyway.

I just spent the past 90 minutes or so with the boys watching the cleanup of a car accident that happened right up the street.

Apparently, a car was driving down the road and hit a parked car. I didn’t see the accident, but one car hit another parked car and then flipped. Here’s the end result:


Here’s the other car, the one that was parked. Check out the rear tire. Fortunately, no one was in the car when it was hit.

The person in this car must have just been to the market. Here are a bunch of broken eggs on the ground. The driver of the car, while taken away by ambulance, was conscious and we were told he’d be ok:

“Seeing those eggs make me so sad,” said Tom. “That person was just grocery shopping and then had their whole day ruined.”

Isn’t it strange, the things that kids observe sometimes? I explained to him that the driver was lucky that his day, his groceries and his car were the only things ruined. The driver was lucky to be alive.

Once help arrived and it was established that no one was in danger, Tom and Huck, being the boys they are, wanted to stay and watch the fire trucks and tow trucks and police cars do their work.




Too much excitement around here for reading or blogging. And I already know I have a full day tomorrow and likely won’t post then either. Hope to return soon!

See you in the sunshine!

And, let’s be careful out there!

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