Chapter 429 Blogging about Ephemera

If you’ve been trying to post a comment to this blog today with no success, I can only give you that not-so-useful information that something has gone awry with the Comments box. I am working on fixing the problem and will let you know when it’s resolved. Meanwhile, I received the following comment from a reader today and, frustratingly, was unable to post it in the Comments box. Since it contains useful information, I am posting it here:

“As a bookseller and collector of books and ephemera, I’ve connected my primary ephemera collecting interest (book trade ephemera) to books in general, from publishers and sellers to authors and printers. Ephemera such as billheads, bookshop labels, ad covers (envelopes), ex libris, correspondence, etc. comprise my collection. Some pieces may relate to a specific book, but most relate to various aspects of the book trade. You might find some of the items interesting that I’ve featured on my blog about the collection. Best of luck with growing your collection!”

I encourage you to check out Chuck’s blog. It’s got oodles of fantastic pictures of all types of biblio-ephemera. Go on over and knock yourself out. Then when you’re done you can check out his two other blogs: Archaeolibris and Paper Matters. Archaeolibris is a collection of ephemera (and other detritus) found in old books (fascinating!). Paper Matters covers non-book-related ephemera. And for those of you who want a bit of interactivity, Chuck was also kind enough to share the following: “Here’s a site (ning) I’m a member of that you might like: The Ephemera Network. It’s a friendly community of ephemera collectors and dealers, or those interested in learning more about ephemera.”

I’d love to hear about any other ephemera blogs out there.

See you in the stacks!

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