Chapter 427 Upcoming Book Fairs

Right now summer is just beginning. The crazy days of September, when the kids return to school and sports schedules, when it’s my birthday and Huck’s, and when it’s our school’s annual Carnival, seem (thankfully) far away on the horizon. Book fairs, too, seem far away, with almost none in Northern California during the summer months.

Even though all of these things won’t take place until some point in the future, I’ve been busy preparing for them, including signing the contracts for various book fairs that will take place in that extremely busy month of September and in the months following. First, it’s the Santa Monica Book, Print, Photo, and Paper Fair on September 12-13, 2009.


The following weekend, on Saturday, September 19, 2009, I will be at the Central Valley Antiquarian Book Fair, also known as the Sacramento Fair.

A few weeks later, on Sunday, October 25, I will be exhibiting at a new book fair, the Golden Gate Park Book Fair. I’m looking forward to this fair, as it’s held in the Hall of Flowers and admission for shoppers is free. The fair’s organizer also sponsors three vintage paper (ephemera) shows during the year. If I can develop enough of an ephemera collection, I may consider exhibiting at one of the vintage paper shows next year.

Finally, far off in the distance, on February 5-6, 2010, I will be exhibiting at the San Francisco Antiquarian Book, Print, and Paper Fair.

Hope to see you at one or all of these shows. When the time draws closer, don’t hesitate to email for free passes.


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3 responses to “Chapter 427 Upcoming Book Fairs

  1. Jill

    Wow, I didn’t know about the Golden Gate Park Book Fair! That makes my day! I am now on their mailing list. More books to buy! Thanks, Chris.

  2. It’s the first time this particular fair has been held, so be sure and add it to your list. (Looks like you already have!)

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