Chapter 425 J.D. Salinger and Me, Hiding Our Ouevres

In case you were wondering, I took the quiz Which Crazy Writer are You? and here is my result:

Chris completed the quiz “Which Crazy Writer Are You?” with the result J.D. Salinger.

“You are quite possibly one of the greatest creative minds of your generation… not that you want anyone to know, of course. Not only have you been in hiding for several decades, you refuse to publish any of your recent work. You would very likely be a perennial Pulitzer Prize candidate, but your writing sits in a de-humidified bank vault in your humble New Hampshire ranch, awaiting the day that your next-of-kin decides to make a few hundred million dollars. Why the secrecy? Afraid people will read too much into your repeated affairs with barely-of-age girls? Afraid people will begin to see you in every single one of your maladjusted, unstable characters?”

At least one part of this quiz is unsurprising to me. The fact that it has taken me so long to finish and publish a certain catalogue. Perhaps, like Salinger’s work, it is finished and ready to go but sits in a bank vault in my home . . .

Just kidding. It’s almost ready. I’m getting closer to sending it to the printer. And I’m spending my time working on it. Hence the short blog post.

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One response to “Chapter 425 J.D. Salinger and Me, Hiding Our Ouevres

  1. Bibliohistoria

    You and I must be very alike. I too am also JD Salinger. I dont think I have read any of his books. LOL

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