Chapter 423 Living Like a Pioneer Woman Again

It’s time once again for me to go live like a pioneer woman for a few days. That’s right; it’s time for our 31st annual Yosemite camping trip, the one I take with my family and all of my childhood neighbors and their families. I like reading about pioneer women, but I don’t actually like to live like one. I never know what I might need, so I tend to overplan and bring a lot of supplies:

Thunderstorms and cool temperatures are in the forecast this weekend. The last time it rained on our Yosemite weekend was in 1993, the year I married Thoughtful Husband. It rained so hard that the campground flooded and we had to go home the day after we arrived. Let’s hope the rain in this weekend’s forecast will be much less substantial than it was in 1993. In the 31 years since the trip originated, it has snowed only once. Freak snowstorms do happen once in a while in the Sierras. Again, let’s just hope one doesn’t occur while I’m camping.

I don’t like to be cold and I don’t like dirt and I am scared of the very hungry bears that wander the valley floor at night. Why camp at all, then?

I love the opportunity to observe Nature and all that lives there, big and small:


And I will let you in on a little secret. The camp where we stay has an electrical outlet so one can do things like plug in a coffee maker or an electric griddle for pancakes. It also has showers. Even with the electricity and the running water, I still feel like a pioneer woman. There’s just something about sleeping in a tent.

Due to the trip, I’m going to take a blogging break until the middle of next week. As soon as we return from camping, Tom and Huck have their last few days of school and our schedules are just packed. I hope to be back late Wednesday.

See you at Yosemite Falls!

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  1. Bibliohistoria

    It’s thursday (the day after wednesday) – are you home yet?

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