Chapter 414 Odds and Ends

I mentioned before that I have some thoughts on this topic, but others have expressed them much more eloquently than I could. Here’s Nicholas Basbanes with an update on the USF (Univesity of San Francisco) sale.

Ian weighs in on USF as well.

Also, I enjoyed this video of one of my favorite women of the west: Annie Oakley.

Things I need to do to prepare for Rare Book School at the University of Virginia:

Plane ticket. Check.

Lodging. Check.

Ground transportation. Check

Acquire books required for the course. Check.

Read and retain knowledge from books required for the course. Hoping to get to this over the weekend.

Figure out how I will make time to see Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson while I am in Charlottesville. When I was 13, my family took a trip to the East Coast, the only time I have ever been there. Prior to the trip, I had written a school report on Thomas Jefferson and decided he was my favorite president. I was thrilled to visit Monticello and spent all the money I had earned babysitting (probably $10 or $20) in the souvenir shop. After doing so, we took a tour of the gardens at Monticello. Somewhere in those gardens, I put my bag of Thomas Jefferson goodies down and forgot about it until we were 200 miles away. I was so mad about it that my mother still remembers it all these years later. It is a definite goal to get to Monticello and see it with adult eyes this time. I hope I won’t forget any souvenirs. 😉

Monday is a holiday (Memorial Day) and I may not post again until late Monday night or early Tuesday. I’ll be reading those books and taking notes for Rare Book School.

See you in the stacks!

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  1. Jan

    Monticello has a wonderful on-line gift shop too. You can request a snail mail catalog as well. I’ve been receiving it and drooling over their items for years. So . . . if you miss the REAL Monticello and its shop this time around, you’re still in luck!

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