Chapter 408 Trifecta!

Today was a trifecta of bibliophilic pleasures. It is rare for me to work an entire day (8:00am to 3:00pm is an entire day here, due to the kids being dismissed from school at 3:00) on books without running a few errands, doing laundry, or preparing meals during that time. Today, I concentrated solely on my work. I love it when there are days when I can immerse myself in what I’m doing and today was one of those days (at least until Tom and Huck came home from school — then I immersed myself in the boys).

First, I began packing for this weekend’s Gold Rush Book Fair. This is the second time I will have exhibited at this fair, but it is the first time ever that I will not share a booth with another bookseller. This time, Book Hunter’s Holiday will have an entire 10 X 10 booth. That means I need to bring twice as many boxes of books (I estimate 22 boxes instead of the 11 I normally bring when I share a booth with another bookseller). As of today, I have packed two boxes. You might be laughing as you read that, but I packed the two most difficult boxes — ephemeral items (which require careful display and packaging and written descriptions) and very fragile or expensive books (which require lots of bubble wrap and strategic packing so they don’t shift en route). The other 20 boxes should be easier, at least I hope they will. I need to have the Bookmobile packed and ready for action by early Friday morning. In any case, preparing for a book fair allows me to shop my own shelves, selecting the most interesting items and sometimes discovering items I forgot I had. I haven’t done a fair of my own since last September, so really taking the time to look through what I have and select the best of it was like spending the day with old friends I hadn’t seen in a while.

Next, I worked on marking additional changes to the Dante catalogue with my red pen. (Part of me will always be a red-pen-wielding English teacher.) Tomorrow I meet with the graphic designer to go over revisions to the catalogue. Once I get the corrections back from her (might take a week or two), I will proofread once more — but only for errors not for revisions — and will return it to her again for any last changes. After that, it’s time for the printer! And then, at last, it will be time to mail the catalogue.

Finally, I recently found out that I was admitted to this class. I’m not sure if you recall, but I received a scholarship to the University of Virginia Rare Book School back in autumn of 2007. I have two years to use it, and I am thrilled to say I will finally be able to put it to good use later this summer. I have been looking forward to taking the course and traveling to the University of Virginia (founded by Thomas Jefferson) for a long time. I spent a little bit of time today researching airplane schedules and housing for the trip.

Though no books were sold today, it was a great day for this bookseller! Book fair plans, catalogue work, and furthering my bookseller’s education. Trifecta!


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2 responses to “Chapter 408 Trifecta!

  1. BiblioHistoria

    Congratulations on making progress with everything.

    Dont forget to read the required books before you start your RBS class.

  2. I’m already working on it. Thanks for the good wishes.

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