Chapter 404 Tea Time, Anyone?

Late yesterday, an underground pipe that runs through our neighbor’s yard and part of ours broke and flooded our front lawn and our neighbor’s lawn and part of the street. That’s the bad news. The good news (for us, anyway) is that we think it’s our neighbor’s pipe that needs repairing and not ours. The very good news is that the pipe broke outside the house and not inside the house. Inside both our neighbor’s house and ours, all is dry.

My books are so grateful. 😉

We are also caught up in end-of-school-year music recitals, Cub Scout meetings, and award nights, so I just didn’t get a chance to post last night.

While the plumber is here to determine the problem today, our water may be turned off for a bit. I’ve decided to take my Dante catalogue and my red pen and go to the local library and proofread the catalogue. Perhaps it is good that the pipe broke, as there is too much to distract me at home to get much work done. I think the library is just the place to settle down and get to work.

I am looking forward to having a free afternoon sometime soon when I can enjoy some tea and this:
It’s actually a hot chocolate set, and it used to belong to my grandmother. I love blue and white, especially in spring.

Wishing you a happy spring day. The sun is finally out here in the Bay Area.

See you at the library!

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One response to “Chapter 404 Tea Time, Anyone?

  1. WJM

    The library is the LAST place to get any work done! Too many books!

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