Chapter 388 Two of my Favorite Things — Cake and Books

I love to bake. Cakes, bread, cookies, and anything else sweet to eat.

The fact that I love to bake does not make me a good baker. Far from it. But I have fun with it anyway and have been known to try to get creative with my family’s birthday and holiday cakes. Here are a few examples:

A dinosaur-themed volcano cake. We used crumbled Oreo cookies for the lava rocks and lit 4th of July sparklers on top to replicate an eruption:

A pirate’s treasure chest cake:

A skateboard cake:

A hardhat cake, from when Huck was little and liked the show “Bob the Builder”:

A wizard’s hat cake, from when Tom had a Harry Potter-themed birthday party:

A cake I make every year on the first day of school:

One day, while wondering whether I could make a book-shaped cake and searching around for the words “book” and “cake” on the internet, I came across these amazing book cakes. They are made to look like illuminated books of hours and one even has a turnable page! I know what kind of cake I’m going to try to make next:



Enjoy! And have some cake next time you sit down to read a book. It is really quite a nice combination.

See you in the stacks!


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3 responses to “Chapter 388 Two of my Favorite Things — Cake and Books

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  2. i like the hard hat cake…

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